It's Official!

Today I filed papers and am officially a candidate for the KPPCSD Board 2020. The Board governs our police, parks, and sanitation. It is responsible for so many critical issues that impact our daily lives and are in today's headlines: police reform, public health, and the environment. Please consider re-electing me to this important office with your vote in November! And vote early to make sure your vote counts!

Can our KPD be anti-racist?

How are our officers trained to respond when citizens call the police against other citizens "just for being black?" What defines suspicious behavior? Sylvia Hacaj calls on the KPD to have policies to protect against the "Karens" of this world and defend black lives. Hear my question of iCOP Schulz  at the KPPCSD June 25, 2020 Board meeting.

Sylvia on Community (2016)

Kensington has deeply-held shared values. We need to build on those values to form permanent consensus based solutions. We have the talent and resources to meet our fiscal and structural challenges if we commit to mutual respect, civility and transparency.

Sylvia on Leadership (2016)

Sylvia's qualification for office is skill a as leader. Her non-profit, legislative and government experience provides her with the background to rally the community for a better future.

Sylvia on GM/COP (2016)

Sylvia's #1 priority is to split the General Manager and Chief of Police position. The combined position is a clear conflict of interest that has ill-served Kensington.