Endorsed by State Senator Nancy Skinner



For four years I have served you as a volunteer Director on the KPPCSD Board to make Kensington a safe, fiscally secure, and an enjoyable place to raise a family and age at home. I am currently the Director of Development and Communications at LifeLong Medical Care, and a member of LifeLong’s Covid-19 Response Team.


I stand on my record of accomplishments. For the first time, Kensington has an independent General Manager that executes on the town's priorities with no conflicts of interest. We have a newly renovated community center and a transformed  police  department. I have made tough but smart choices to stabilize our finances for the long haul. 


If re-elected, I will continue to steward our tax dollars to invest in our park, recreational services and office space for police and district staff. I will make composting a reality. And I will ensure that the 3/4 of our budget that funds the police is spent effectively to meet community needs. I am your choice for a well-operated and resilient Kensington. 



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