Statement: Opposing reappointment of Kevin Hart as interim GM/COP

I think we can all agree that Kensington finds itself once more in an unenviable, less than ideal situation, to put it mildly. Let’s review just how we got here.

In May of this year, the prior board extended Mr. Hart’s contract as interim CoP/GM by a vote of 3-2. Much of the rationale for approving the extension centered on providing stability to the District and allowing the new Board adequate time to make changes as desired.

The instability we find ourselves addressing right now is the direct result of Mr. Hart choosing not to fulfill that commitment made just 4 months earlier. In his public resignation letter dated September 30th he wrote:

“I have decided, for personal and professional reasons, that now is the right time to move on and explore other opportunities.”

In his final interview in the Outlook he said, “It was not a sudden decision. You have to make decisions that are right for you and for your family. I have four grand-kids. There’s no good time to leave an organization, so I am leaving on my own terms.”

This is the second time Mr. Hart has broken his word to Kensington in order to get things on his own terms.

One of the very strong selling points of Mr. Hart’s initial candidacy had been that he said he wouldn’t need the District to provide medical benefits. However, after being installed as the GM, just as his 90-day background check for the CoP portion of the position was ending and his final contract was to be signed, he told the Board that he would in fact need (or prefer) Kensington’s medical benefits. The Board provided those benefits and the District had to set up a separate medical plan/account just for him.

You know the old adage, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!” I am not interested in coming up with the ending phrase for a new version that includes “Fool me three times…” at Kensington’s expense.

The last sentence of Mr. Hart’s letter of resignation reads: “..if you’re not moving forward, you are falling back. I believe we have moved forward as an organization as well as a community, and are looking towards the future.”

On this final point, I, and a majority of Kensingtonians, can agree!

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