Remarks to the El Cerrito Democratic Club

I have lived my Democratic values my entire adult life. Starting with establishing the AmeriCorps national service programs as a Congressional Staff and Clinton Appointee through my current roles providing health care to the uninsured and undocumented, and serving my local community.

Four years ago I won my seat by a 2-to-1 margin on a platform to restore trust in Kensington’s police department. I immediately split the role of the Police Chief from the General Manager, and hired the first independent civilian GM in the District’s history and a turn-around police chief that has changed the department’s culture. I’ve worked hard to hold our police accountable, funding body-worn cameras and requesting revised use of force policies in line with the 8 Can’t Wait campaign.

With smart partnerships, we can reduce costs and reallocate resources to meet all the needs of our residents. Seniors, many living alone, make up 36% of Kensington today and are our state’s fastest growing population. Innovative partnerships could free up funds for services to support aging in place and for crucial investments in our park, rec facilities and office space.

Each of us has a role to play in addressing climate change. I voted to switch to 100% renewable energy for the District’s electricity, fund replacement of 3 police vehicles with hybrids, and bring our 65-year old community center up to today’s stringent energy efficient standards. In my next term I will add food composting to our green waste services.

I bring energy, enthusiasm and an ability to enlist cooperation around a common endeavor. I am inherently a connector and value inclusiveness. I believe in our democratic values, both lower and upper case, and will continue to champion them in my next term.

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