Filing Statement

For four years I have served you as a volunteer Director on the KPPCSD Board to make Kensington a safe, fiscally secure, and an enjoyable place to raise a family and age at home.

  • I am proud to have removed the single biggest obstacle to good governance by separating the positions of General Manager and Chief of Police six months after taking office.

  • I led a public-private partnership to renovate our 65-year-old community center to meet today’s safety, accessibility, and energy standards.

  • I have made tough but smart choices to stabilize our finances for the long haul. I supported establishing a “rainy day” fund, a police contract that reigned-in medical inflation costs, and refinanced our police pension debt, saving taxpayers nearly $2 million. I pushed to restructure our town’s administration so it operates professionally and efficiently.

  • And I have worked to bring greater accountability to the Kensington Police Department with the adoption of body-worn cameras and a revised use of force policy.

If re-elected, I will continue to steward our tax dollars to invest in our park, recreational services, and office space for police and district staff. I will make composting a reality. And I will ensure that the 75% of our budget that funds the police will be spent effectively or reallocated to meet community needs.

I strive to listen, learn and be an informed voice for progress. You can count on my experience and judgment for a well-operated and resilient Kensington.

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